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ack_attack's icons

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13 August
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  • iconseeyou@livejournal.com

Hi, I'm ack_attack, and these are my icons.


No hotlinking Save the icon to your own hard drive, then upload it from your machine. Saves my bandwith.

Comment I read all my comments! They help me figure out what works and what doesn't. If you have recently found my journal and you have taken icons from several posts, you can just leave ONE comment. You don't need to leave a comment on each individual post You'll be saving my inbox.

Credit Just throw iconseeyou into the comments section of your userpic. It's so other people can find me if they're interested.

Friend me If you'd like updates. Unfortunately due to LJ's friending limit, I can no longer friend you back. So it's nothing personal! I just ran out of space.

Thems the rules. Stick to them and we'll get along just fine.

Nominations are always welcomed and appreciated! You guys are awesome.

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+ Awards
+ Layout codes

Worth checking out: iconstant + lost_awards

Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide

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